Connecting cannabis enthusiasts in North America and elsewhere with ganja-friendly resorts in Jamaica

We are very excited to introduce you to GanjaVacations - a new online portal, currently in development, for information about cannabis experiences in Jamaica. Catering to a worldwide audience of engaged ganja enthusiasts, the portal will feature recommended hotels and villas, herb houses, local Jamaican ganja personalities, news, events, reviews and lots of other information of interest to cannabis tourists.

And, given the tastes and expectations of these mid to upper income travelers, we are particularly eager to affiliate with upscale, ganja-friendly, boutique hotels and villas that combine extraordinary accommodations, an intimate setting, great hospitality and exceptional cuisine to deliver an amazing and authentic Jamaican cultural experience. Resorts Like yours!

Why list your resort on GanjaVacations

A NEW source of revenues
We are targeting a huge worldwide audience of known cannabis enthusiasts; most of whom would not otherwise consider a Jamaican vacation or find your resort in a million years.
Exposure to NEW millions
Our prominence on the highly trafficked websites and social media pages of cannabis culture and lifestyle media properties will drive millions of ganja lovers to our portal and to information about your resort and its offerings.
MORE summer bookings
We believe that ganja related travel will be minimally affected by the seasonality of Caribbean tourism. In other words, people looking for cannabis experiences are likely to come throughout the year; not just in winter months.

What is a ganja vacation?

It's a holiday for people who are looking for a Jamaican cannabis experience. For some, this will be recreational; for others, it may be medicinal, educational, culinary or any number of other possibilities. People who book through the portal will come knowing that your resort will not provide weed; they will however expect the property to be "ganja-friendly" and that your staff will be helpful with information and assistance on how to acquire it LEGALLY!

A few important considerations

Recommended hotels ONLY!

We will NOT list ALL ganja-friendly hotels in Jamaica; Just those we recommend. Yours will therefore be differentiated as exceptional and special.

FREE listing

This may change in the future.  But even if it does, all properties previously listed will be grandfathered in.

Not the usual boring listings

Your property will be featured with detailed, professionally written descriptions with lots of photos and video for an exciting, immersive experience.

Aggressive digital marketing

Sustained digital marketing to a large, international audience of known cannabis enthusiasts is at the core of our business strategy. It’s our secret sauce and what makes us different.

Let's reiterate a few things

We are not listing ALL ganja-friendly hotels in Jamaica; just small boutique hotels and villas that we recommend. So, if listed here, yours will be differentiated as special and exceptional.
Your property won’t be lost among the hundreds of thousands of hotels on the well known booking platforms where you may already be listed. It will be one of a relatively small group of properties prominently featured on GanjaVacations.
Our marketing partnerships will give us direct access to tens of millions of known cannabis users and enthusiasts in North America and around the world. No one else is doing anything similar.
We are targeting a very large market of mid to high income ganja tourists that will increase substantially as more countries and US states legalize recreational marijuana. These are people who take  regular vacations and are likely to become repeat customers.

Digital marketing to KNOWN cannabis enthusiasts

Digital marketing is at the very core of our business strategy. It is our secret sauce! Ganja tourists will not find us by accident; they will engage with us because of our prominence on the websites and social media pages of manor cannabis culture and lifestyle media companies like High Times and Merry Jane. These are the places where cannabis enthusiasts go for news, information, entertainment and interaction. This, plus our own abundant ganja-related content, social media activities and ongoing search engine optimization activities will allow us to dominate Google for search terms related to ganja and Jamaica.

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